A safer, more private way to browse the web.

Safety first.

Sidekick blocks harmful plugins, malware, and other nasty stuff.

Stay private.

Sidekick doesn't record your history or store your session.

Super fast.

No bloat. Sidekick is a lean mean browsing machine.

What is Sidekick?

Sidekick is a new web browser that puts your safety and privacy first.

Other browsers are learning more and more about you: they ask you to log in, track your searches, and report your history back to the mothership. Sidekick was developed by putting the user first.

It doesn't record your browser history, and it doesn't let malware or plugins in to your PC. And because it's a Windows Store app, the rest of your PC is kept safe and secure from the evils that lurk on the web.

Sidekick gives you full control over the page you're viewing. Is there a spammy popup or ad covering the video you're trying to watch, or the article you're trying to read? Close it, with just one click.

Sidekick gives you back control over the web.

Sidekick: feature-rich and free.

Use a simple, powerful browser that has your best interests in mind.

  • Safe browsing guarantee
  • Hide ads and popups
  • Fast & bloat-free
  • No malware or viruses
  • Doesn't track your history
  • Keeps your browser clean
  • Works with your main browser
  • Launches and closes fast

Download now

Sidekick is a free browser for Windows 8.1 and above.