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Or, check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Sidekick?

Sidekick is a companion browser for your Windows 10 device. It lets you hide ads that cover content, it doesn't remember your history, and it can't leak your primary browser's saved credentials (since it doesn't have them!)

Is Sidekick an "anonymous" or "secure" browser?

No - Sidekick is an "always incognito" browser. It does not hide your activity from your ISP, employer, etc, or encrypt or obscure your traffic (beyond normal HTTPS). Aside from not having access to your saved passwords, and not recording your history between sessions, Sidekick is very much like any other browser.

How much does Sidekick cost?

Sidekick is free (it shows a single ad unit to make money). Ads are sourced from third-party networks that have a good reputation, and are manually screened before they appear in Sidekick. If you see an ad that is misleading or malicious, please report it to us using the email above.

We might offer an ad-free, paid version in the future.

What should I use Sidekick for?

Use Sidekick for anything you don't want to expose your main browser to: whenever you visit a site that might show sketchy ads, or a site you don't want appearing in your main browser's history, use Sidekick instead of your primary browser.